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Fine Arts

Rating: 0/5
Price of print book:₹ 130
Our Price:
₹ 100
Author প্ৰদীপ নাথ (Pradip Nath)
Language English
Publisher Aank Baak-Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  AB21
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Widely acclaimed as a cartoonist, Pradip Nath is basically a painter. Born in 1973, he is presently employed as a cartoonist with "Asomiya Pratidin" and also as a Staff Artist with the Sadin group of publications. Though he has been associated with the print media for long, he is widely acclaimed as a painter of repute. He has held several exhibition of paintings at various Art Galleries all over the country. This book is the result of his vast practical knowledge in his chosen field. He has tried his best to explain the subtle nuances of the art of Fine Art in this treatise. In addition to the storehouse of information about the local and traditional Indian Arts and their creators, he has also given the readers a glimpse of the European master craftsmen and their creations.  'Fine Arts' is sure to provide a smooth avenue to readers wishing to enhance their knowledge on the subject. 


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