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Rating: 0/5
Price of print book:₹ 120
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₹ 100
Author Arup Borbora (অৰূপ বৰবৰা)
Language English
Publisher Aank Baak-Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  AB58
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The lives of thousands and thousands of innocent people, revolutionaries and soldiers were lost in the dreadful bloody conflict between the ULFA and the Government as witnessed by Assam. Both the parties have been blaming each other for the terrible deaths. The present scenario has adversely affected the mindset of the new generation with a resultant sense of insecurity about their future. Today, Assam has witnessed the exodus of thousands and thousands of her young people to various other States of India and abroad for education and vocation. In this way they are pumping out crores of rupees from this economically backward State.

The horrendous killings which left a torrent of blood flowing over the soil of Assam over the past three decades were unheard of in her history.

In this book the author has revealed the peculiar developments behind the stalling of the much desired peace process, inspite of making considerable headway. For the facts mentioned above, this book will remain an extraordinary document of these times, in the history of Assam.

From a perusal of the book, I am really moved by the spontaneity in which the facts and deliberations have been narrated and reproduced by the author in a most authentic manner.



“With militarization proving itself not to be the solution, stringent sets of law applied in the North East for the last five decades have also miserably failed to attain their own stated objects and in fact became infamous for their misuse and mis-application. In this background the need for initiating political conflict resolution process emerged as the only pragmatic way for bringing in lasting peace to the region.

As is the case in different conflict ridden regions around the world, the role of the civil society in aiding and facilitating conflict resolutions either as initiator or catalyst mediator gained momentum particularly in the new millennium. Acceding to such a role of the civil society, the ULFA, after 26 years of armed revolution, constituted the Peoples’ Consultative Group (PCG) in 2005, to initiate a political conflict resolution process, thereby throwing open the options for a direct dialogue with the Government of India. It was a jigsaw road thereafter both for the PCG and the ULFA for atleast two years. More importantly, it was a period of hopes and aspirations for that large populace of Assam who, as opposed to a vested segment allergic to the very name of ULFA and still professing militarization as a means for bringing “peace”, foresee and vouch for a political conflict resolution process.

Upon invitation from the Government of India, as many as three rounds of official discussions were held between the PCG and the Government of India, with the first round of Prime Ministerial discussion being the kick-starter. While all these rounds of official discussions have not culminated in a direct talk between the ULFA and the Government of India for reasons interpreted differently and subsequently, they assumed some historical importance in the background of the most sweltering three decades of bloody conflict.”               

--Arup Borbora


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