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Dwarf (Baona)

Rating: 5/5
Price of print book:₹ 80
Our Price:
₹ 50
Author ড০ ভবেন্দ্ৰ নাথ শইকীয়া (Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia)
Editor   ধীৰেন্দ্ৰ নাথ বেজবৰুৱা (D. N. Bezboruah)
Language English
Publisher Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  NS35
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Translation and Edited by

ধীৰেন্দ্ৰ নাথ বেজবৰুৱা (Dhirendra Nath Bezboruah)


Baona (The Dwarf), a play written in 1962, has been staged on several occasions. It deals with a group of workers confronted with the moral dilemma of what to do with their employer’s wallet, full of money, which had fallen out of his pocket when he was leaving the work-site on his motorcycle. Ultimately the foreman who is expected to stand the tallest, proves to be the dwarf among the workers.

BHABENDRA NATH SAIKIA [1932-2003] is generally regarded as one of the finest short-story writers in Assamese. He published eight collections of short stories and a novel—Antareep—besides some plays. His stories and plays are noted for their sensitive analyses of human behaviour. Dr Saikia also produced and directed seven films, six of which won the Rajat Kamal award.


Great book! ....
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