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Wireless Mobile Telecommunication System Development

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Language English
Publisher Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  NS111
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Wireless Mobile Telecommunication System Development: An Introduction to Practical Approach for Systems Understanding, Implementation and Deployment

This E-book is about the various aspects of mobile telecommunication network software development, deployment, testing and its day to day operation and maintenance. It contains an overall perspective, a brief, straightforward and practical introduction. It is primarily for students who had just graduated either in Computer Science or Electronics & Telecommunication discipline and is looking for career in the wireless mobile telecommunication domain. It’s also appropriate for students currently studying in the above-mentioned discipline and is looking for project work assignments, as a part of the academic curriculum, in the wireless mobile telecommunication domain. The aim is to shorten the learning curve and be productive from day one towards the wireless mobile telecommunications software development using the brief, practical and straightforward information being made available in this E-book. It’s hoped that this book will be the stepping-stone towards the wireless mobile telecommunication system design and development domain.



Know and take away the nitty-gritty of mobile telecommunication software R&D and fast track your career in the Mobile telecommunication domain. Make yourself a better employable one today!


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