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Rating: 0/5
Price of print book:₹ 80
Our Price:
₹ 50
Author Gautam Talukdar
Language English
Publisher Nirvana Sutra
Book Code  NS220
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Gautam Talukdar possesses the sensibility of an authentic writer as also the skill to structure a narrative as is demanded by the short-story genre. His style is remarkable for its terseness, and he exploits the emotive Power of words to the fullest. Though there is thematic diversity in his collection of short-stories titled Crossroads, it is the unique style which imparts to the book a seeming homogeneity. Some of the stories are endowed with a philosophic dimension which coerces the reader into existential introspection; others are more lighthearted, with a commensurate change in the style. Indeed, Gautam Talukdar’s Crossroads is an excellent compilation of short-stories and a welcome addition to the shelf of writings in English from the North-East.

Arup Kumar Dutta


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